"I always preferred a desk job ... so much better" - while smashing a battlebot with a desk
Abel Robledo, also known as 'Deskjet' or 'That Absolute Ledge Who Brought a Desk Into Battle', was a very important UNWD agent who had been promoted various times for his courage and daring, although reprimanded various times for 'going out of his way to make puns'.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

He wore standard UNWD gear, although with two yellow arrows on either sleeve, and red and yellow stripes on his cuffs. He was very muscular, but appears deceptively slim. He had short brown hair.

Personality Edit

He was cocky, confident and independent, often going to extreme measures to make jokes. He was aggressive and combative in battle, and was a little bigheaded, though kind to friends.

Abilities Edit

He possessed an extreme strength- although he's no Grav Guy, he'd certainly have won a few bodybuilding contests, and he used this strength to lug desks and such around. He also had the ability to make puns all the time, all the time, make puns. He was also very good at a desk, with good numeracy and data entry skills

History Edit


He died during the Fall of London, after being crushed under a metal beam when the Zopran Fossilcraft took up. This makes him the first official fatality in Colkinom Comics.

Trivia Edit

He was demisexual and demiromantic, and was sex-repulsed when it comes to someone he did not already have a strong emotional bond with.