The second UNWD agent, and likely the organisation's co-founder, Agent ? is Jonah Gordonson's right-hand man and one of his most skilled agents.


Little is known of the mysterious man's past, like any secret agent, but there's no doubt that something sparked his love for aeroplanes, aerobatics and secret agents. He has studied advanced slow-motion shooting and explosion avoiding, likely at some large secret-agent university, boy's school or high-tech boot camp, suggesting that he had fairly wealthy parents, or at least made his own wealth to send him there with his grit and determination.



Agent ? is lean and slender with dark, short hair, slicked back and shiny with gel. He often wears dark purple clothing, earning him the nickname 'The Man in Purple'. He is normally seen wearing a very dark purple shirt, blue trousers, brown shoes and a black tie. He is often seen with an earpiece.


Throughout his appearances he displays a relaxed demeanour, holding control over situations and conversations. Much like Agent 47, he is confident in his skill, but not to the extent that she is. He moves and thinks quickly, although sometimes slightly recklessly, as his sharp thought and catlike reflexes can fall out of synch, as shown when he fails to consider how a slug could climb a ladder, and jumps from the jet before 47 can ensure that he's ready.

Skills and abilitiesEdit


He is a skilled pilot and acrobat, as well as an adept fighter with both small firearms and his bare hands. He is a fast runner and is very flexible, allowing him to dodge bullets and avoid explosions with ease. He is a good logical thinker, although not always, as seen in the 'how does a slug climb a ladder' incident, but good at thinking of ways situations could progress and what is needed to be done.


  • He is the best pilot of the UNWD, and performs aerobatic shows to entertain agents on off-days
  • He considers the combat-purple berets to be his 'boys', with 47 adding 'and girls! And me!'.
  • He is listed on his charahub page as 'Jonah Gordonson's bodyguard'.
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