"No such thing as too confident, mate!" - to Slug-Man

Agent 47, real name unknown, is the 47th UNWD agent and leader of the Sevens Crew. She is one of the UNWD's most skilled and courageous heroes.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

She has tan skin and blonde hair (long, normally with hair over one shoulder and behind the other). She is taller than most other Sevens Crew agents (not including Grav Guy). Normally, she wears an orange outfit with the UNWD logo on the front. She has sleeve tattoos.

Personality Edit

She is bubbly, upbeat and energetic. Although other agents might tend to get left behind by her insanely positive nature, she is very helpful and supportive, always lending a helping hand to other agents, although she can be serious if need be. She has an awful tendency to bend over backwards for her friends...

Powers/Abilities Edit

She has no supernatural abilities (that we know of), but is very strong, physically fit and a capable fighter. She knows multiple animal-inspired fighting styles of her own design, formed after closely watching the majestic beasts of Australia, and she is hot like the desert, cool like the sea, quick like the snake, deadly like the spider, scornful like an emu, free like the birds, strong like a kangaroo and positive like a proton.

(Note- Proton's might not be a real place or species of animal in Australia)

She can also fly a jet, fire a gun, stop a wildfire (even if she started it a little bit) and is a great listener. She brings out the best in her team.

History Edit

When her grandfather died there wasn't much left in her part of Australia, so she went out walking it's entirety twice completing cool stuff. After some time she became well known in all of Australia (not easy considering it's so big!) and her adventures and skill caught the attention of the UNWD leader Jonah Gordonson.

To cut a long story short she finally agreed to leave Australia and join the UNWD to fight for justice and all that. She still however, between saving the planet and causing havoc around the UNWD, goes back to Australia to wrestle crocs and such.

Trivia Edit

  • She has no concept of personal space or nudity, and so in the communal showers and changing rooms she makes other agents rather uncomfortable at times.