Agent Snake is one of the oldest members of the UNWD, a talking (apparently, I've never heard them), fighting snake and one of the UNWD's most useful stealth/infiltration assets... if you're trying to sneak into somewhere people will react less violently towards an uninvited snake than an unintentionally-invited infiltrator in disguise.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

In keeping with his species, the Asian Tiger Snake (Rhabdophis tigrinus) he is around a meter long with a white underbelly and an olive green body except for the first third of his body length and head which is black with bright orange crossbars.

Personality Edit

Agent Snake is cocky, confident and hard to scare. He'll react quickly and biteily to any annoyance, though, watch out.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Agent Snake is a very special kind of snake, being from the only species that is both venomous and poisonous. He can slither in and out of places with ease and is all to easily misplaced in the background. In a tight spot he can choke out enemies with his body.

He has venom, but his fangs are at the back of his mouth so he doesn't strike out up front very often, instead he will sneak up and aim with precision when dealing with larger things. He also has poison glands and so most monsters stay clear away from trying to eat him which is a plus.

Agent Snake also knows some Snakey martial arts which he made from a combination of watching Slug Man's and Snail boy's fighting style and too many martial art action films on weekends.

History Edit

Agent Snake joined the UNWD in 'epic circumstances' no-one ever elaborates on. Nowadays he's always either chilling in the UNWD base playing pool or off on the most confidential of missions taking out drug lords and corrupt politicians in foreign countries.

Trivia Edit

  • His species normally eat small vertebrates including frogs and toads, but Agent Snake has also developed a sweet fang for sticky buns and donuts whilst in the UNWD.