The main AAA lorry seen in Slug-Man #2

All- American Awesome is an international freight company in the Colkiverse, well-known for its unique green and yellow house style and unnecessary patriotism. Every suitably-sized vehicle they have is branded with an innacurate American flag.


The company is a rather large multi-national one, with a large fleet of specialized vehicles for carrying its goods. These include:

  • Large lorries capable of carrying heavy loads in their trailers, also with very effective sat-nav technology. They also seem to have the ability to drive themselves automatically if the driver happens to nod off (this happens surprisingly often).
  • Enormous freighter ships, with big cargo holds and much deck space. These are served by privately owned docks and special cranes.
  • Helicopters for short-range quick deliveries.
  • Cars and vans for the more usual delivery methods.
  • Forklift trucks for carrying crates to and from previously-mentioned lorries.


One of the most notable events in the All- American Awesome company's history is the hijacking of a set of their vehicles by the Irazian military so that the trucks and freight ships could be used to carry the Bio-Slime Monster from BS Corp's Slotham headquarters to the test zone in the Irazian desert. The crew members aboard the ship were tied and gagged by people working with Bill Large and were supposedly released by the UNWD after Slug-Man destroyed the monster and the Troublesome Trio had been arrested.

After the events of Story 1, All-American Awesome recruits were required to take courses in Advanced Escapism and Hitting Baddies With Blunt Objects 101, both of which (the courses) can be taken at the Pictor Pyxis Pandimensional University.