Arachians are a highly just race of arachno-humanoids. They are known for their agility, oft-venomous bites, and ability to make every arachnophobe within 5 miles wet themselves. They include Honsnoch.

Biology Edit

Goliadic + Tyrantular

While the biology of arachians differs, all arachians share the same basic attributes- six arms, six eyes, and sharp pinching mandibles on either side of their mouths.

Differences in breed Edit

There are many different 'breeds' of Arachian, also known as 'bloods'.

  • Widowmaker + Jdune
    Tyrantular and Goliadic arachians are typically very tall, with thick, wiry hair. They are known to be strong, with quick reflexes. Goliadic arachians have very thick fur to survive in cold climates, while Tyrantular fur is shorter and wirier.
  • Widowmaker and Jdune arachians are normally far thinner, and wear a kind of war paint that warns others of their venom. Widowmakers normally have a dark scaly hide, while Jdune are sand-coloured and use pale purple or blue paint.
    Wandering + Traidoor
  • Wandering and Traidoor arachians have stronger venom than any other blood of arachian. Wandering arachians tend to work alone, while traidoor live in tribes, often underground. While Wandering arachians have thin, spiky limbs, Traidoor arachians have huge lower jaws and are heavy-set.
  • Houzy + Gangler
    Houzy and Gangler arachians are non-dangerous, with no natural poisons. They are the smallest kinds of arachian, and are not known for anything special. Houzy arachians are very small, normally no bigger than 4 foot tall, while Gangler arachians are very thin.

History Edit

Arachian history is spotty at best, and depends on the blood you wish to focus on. Battles won and lost, legends told and lost.