"It's time for a horseman to do what he does best!
Play the banjo."
Banjo Rockin' Horseman (Also shortened to BR'Hm sometimes) is a half-human, half-horse UNWD agent (Number 37) who's known for his combative nature, seismological powers and banjo-playing skills. Not much else is known about him, really.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

Banjo Rockin' Horseman is an 8-foot-tall bipedal horseperson with furry human arms. He has brown fut all over and a glorious blonde mane and tail. He is almost always seen wearing a set of Roman chest and shoulder armour and a red and turquoise skirt. He is also never seen without his trusty, seemingly indestructible banjo (More of a mandolin really).

Personality Edit

There has been some friction between him and Slug-Man because Pete is an idiot at times and refuses to follow the proper UNWD procedure. He's pretty darn wise and respected. Not the earliest of Agents, but certainly in the Top 3 most important along with Jonah Gordonson and Agent ?.

Cassandra Cobra has a special kind of interest in him... as in she'd really love to dissect him once he's died for reasons of science. As it is though, she's happy to wait as they get along quite well.

Powers/Abilities Edit

BR'Hm has a whole bunch of vague and odd powers. As a horseperson, he has superhuman strength and agility as default, and a really mean kick. As well as this, his confidence and lack of fear seem to help him during conflict an unfair amount.

While strumming his special (magic?) banjo with intent, Banjo Rockin' Horseman can emit seismological waves that blast back enemies and crack the ground up, causing untold potential damage.

While wielding his banjo in battle, it can hold its own against at very least another guitar wielded by a robot. Its indestructibility means BR'Hm swings it around with abandon and can subdue swathes of enemies with efficiency.

Trivia Edit

  • Don't ask about his parents. Touchy subject. Also not entirely pleasant or normal tbh. Consult the greek myth of the minotaur of Crete if you really want to know and deduce from that...