Bio-Slime is a sticky sentient substance created by Bill Large and his team of scientists led by Doctor Cobra. Although it was marketed to be a friendly domestic 'pet' or helper of sorts, capable of solving problems and withstanding anything thrown at it, it was also used for nefarious purposes, such as the Bio-Slime Monster of Slug-Man story 1, the Bio-Slime acid cannon, and theorised BioHuman Hybrid.

Mainly the first thing, though.

Iterations Edit

Bio Slime Edit

Bio-Slime was originally marketed as an intelligent bio-robot with advanced problem-solving abilities, as well as the ability to recover instantly from injury. It was fairly small, barely bigger than Tybalt Cobra's head, but could stretch itself out to bridge spaces.

Bio Slime 2.0 Edit

Bio-Slime 2.0 was 'slightly user-unfriendly', as it is highly acidic and would corrode anything in its path. Pete Porkins barely survived a horrific death by this new bio-slime because he diverted the ray with a piece of bread.

Bio-Slime Monster Edit

The Bio-Slime monster was an enormous being made entirely of bio-slime, the size of a small building, and was supposed to be sold to Mysterious Shadowy Figure and the Iraz army. However, when Bill refused to order it to kill Cobra, the remote controller was destroyed and it attacked the good doctor anyway, throwing him about like a ragdoll until Agent ? and Slug-Man flew over with the UNWD's confiscated alien tech to defeat it. Slug-Man used the P.H.I.L. gun, armed with Bio-Slime 2.0, to shoot the monster, combusting and disintegrating it harmlessly (to anyone but it).

Bio Slime Bonding with Organic Beings Edit

Pete Porkins Edit

When he saved himself from the Bio Slime 2.0, Pete absorbed some of the Bio-Slime's properties, namely the ability to heal from normally life-threatening injuries in his slug form. This allowed him to heal from a Zopran's laser shot during the Battle of London and survive being run over by a truck in his first appearance in episode 1.

BioHuman Hybrid Edit

A BioHuman Hybrid is a theory made by Doctor Tybalt Cobra that a human could absorb the powers of Bio-slime and replace their body mass with the substance. It has not been acted upon yet, as it is so dangerous, and, like a fungus, the bio-slime would thrive in the perfect conditions of the human body, and could possibly overtake the person's sentience.

However, Cobra has also considered the possibility of harvesting more advanced, evolved forms of Bio-Slime by using the human body as a developing ground, allowing it to drain warmth and nutrients from the perfect ecosystem that is a living being.

It'd just be gross, that's all.