BS factory

The factory headquarters near Slotham

Bio-Slime (Or BS Corps) is a biologicial science corporation run by Bill Large. It specialises in producing robots made of the revolutionary Bio-Slime material, mainly for scientist's uses. The company is most well known for creating many jobs in Slotham after opening its headquarters in a nearby industrial sector. The corporation, however, has a very dark, dark side...


Bio-Slime Corp was founded through a partnership between Bill Large and Dr Cobra, about 6 years ago. Dr Cobra is credited of inventing the substance to begin with, and Bill was eager to fund his experiments and find commercial uses for it. The corporation grew very fast due to the scientific community's interest in the fancy new technologies used, so to begin with Bio-Slime was sold exclusively to scientific organizations. Soon though, Bill spread the business to selling robots to more extreme exploration groups (e.g. Volcanologists, marine biologists, SASA and some of the richer firefighters), and found his niche in the market. He also had big plans of selling Bio-Slime robots as pets to the public in future.


The company had also been making Bio-Slime robots as weapons in secret. The Bio-Slime Monster was created to be sold to that mysterious shadowy figure from Iraz and...