Agent Blake Morris is the fifth UNWD agent, the first (suspected) deceased agent, and had a special knack for maximising the potential of budding new agents, as well as card tricks and balancing unnecessarily vast amounts of weapons on his body at once.


Appearance Edit

Blake Morris was fairly dark-skinned, with messy dark hair and a short beard. He normally wore a blue dress shirt, and brown/purple trousers. His armour consists of knee and elbow pads, and a breastplate that holds a knife, a bayonet, a rifle and a small gun.


He seemed to be rather laid-back and analytical, always ready to take the situation into account before proceeding. He was kind and compliant, allowing Glan to order the armour design just as he wanted, but can move unpredictably sometimes, such as throwing the cards at Glan to practice his powers, and the unfriendly amount of weapons on his armour.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Like most UNWD agents, he was at peak physical performance, but one of his main skills was his ability to help other agents (particularly new agents) maximise their potential in using their skills/abilities. He was also well prepared and observant.

History Edit

Agent Morris's past is unknown, aside of the fact that he joined the UNWD very close to its beginning, making him one of the single-digit agents. He is seen prominently in Chaos Master's backstory, operating the gun tower of an UNWD tank and giving Chaos Master his armour.

He supposedly died in episode 5 after being thrown off a boat by a robot and presumably drowning. He was never mentioned again.

Trivia Edit

  • He enjoys keeping up to date with the latest in sapce exploration, watching a rocket launch while mid-mission, as seen in Chaos Master #4.
  • He's very good at playing cards.

Gallery Edit

Morris 6
Morris 2
Morris 3
Morris 4

Seconds before dissappearance

Morris 5

His dissappearance