Bob Robson is an agent of the UNWD, and was Moosa's sidekick in the comic Rock Shock, and currently appears in Slug-Man, driving the 'Drill-o-Matic 2.0'. He is the UNWD's resident drilling specialist and a friend of Doctor Dundee.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

Bob Robson has dark hair, and wore a red baseball cap in Rock Shock, but maybe it was blue, as well as an orange shirt. Nowadays he is seen wearing a unique orange-coloured standard-issue UNWD bulletproof vest over a white jumpsuit and orange trousers. He wears purple boots and brown gloves while in action.

Personality Edit

He was cynical of Moosa's adventure plans, but admits to being impressed by the Mechano-Mole. He is fairly independent, choosing where he goes (such as Moosa's laboratory).

Nowadays he remains fairly critical of everything he dislikes and makes his opinions known all the time. He has a lot of self-confidence and knows he is important to the other agents, but is still a good friend and is very supportive of others.

Abilities Edit

He is a normal human, but is a very quick learner, and an expert with vehicles and machinery. He is known as the 'Motor Whisperer'. He helped to design Dr Dundee's patented Drill-o-Matic, and the new, improved version he currently exclusively pilots on behalf of the UNWD.

History Edit

Not much is known about Bob Robson's backstory. It's likely not that interesting. After being accidentally brought along for an underground adventure with Moosa aboard the Drill-o-Matic, and meeting Sir Catatapuss and the Feline Rebellion, Bob developed an interest in drilling machinery and returned to his friend Dr Dundee for training in the technology. He now works part-time for the UNWD, on Moosa's recommendation, as a mechanic and drilling specialist.

He was dispatched from his home in Dover quickly in the Drill-O-Matic 2.0 on a rescue mission for the UNWD agents trapped under the falling rubble of the entire city of London, and having picked them up sped away from the situation.

Trivia Edit

  • He has an annoying sister
  • He lives in Coursebury
  • He is an acquaintance of Dr Dundee, who is terrible at explaining things on TV and bought back dinosaurs.
  • He's seen as a great hero by the Feline Rebellion for his hand in saving them from the attack of a Giant Worm, then from Giant Evil Brain II. He single-handedly saved Sir Tuftball from falling into lava and so was thanked officially by Sir Catatapuss.
  • The character underwent a big redesign between Slug-Man episodes 6 and 11, and now fits better into the aesthetic of modern comics, similarly to James Blond.

Bob's first, minor appearance in Slug-Man, in the UNWD lounge.