Flobnomdob's female counterpart, with a dolphin rather than a shark for a head.

History Edit

She was a damsel in distress for Flobnomdob to rescue for a time, but she came to realise that Flobnomdob and Moosa were pretty terrible rescuers and so soon learnt to fend for herself. For a while after this she hung around with them as a companion but left Flobnomdob heartbroken when she decided to move on and discover a new life for herself. Little is known of what she did or where she went during this time.

Present situation Edit

After her wandering she returned back into known existence as a very different person to the one who left. She became even more ripped and powerful, with super cool fighting skillz from across the world, greater knowledge of the wider world, battle tactics and a host of new card tricks she learnt from a circus monkey.

Trivia Edit

  • She likes battleaxes.
  • Inspirational figures for her include 47 who she looks up to and has admitted would date romantically if it weren't for James Blond.