"Not long ago, a man named Professor Komodo... asked for volunteers for a special experiment."

Bunny: Gore Justice is an ongoing Colkiverse B action-psychological-horror-body-horror-thriller comic by Colkinom. It chronicles a horrendous experiment and the protagonists' struggle against it. Read it here.

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The following sections contain heavy spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Chapter 1: Bloody Beginnings Edit

Spoilers for Chapter 1: Bloody Beginnings
Two agents of Komodo attempt to take in a third citizen for re-education. Bunny interrupts the confrontation, killing the two assailants, before surprisingly killing the innocent citizen also. She then disappears through a blood portal and returns to her apartment, where Komodo taunts her via RoboRaven. Enraged, Bunny attacks the device, while Chopper, in a nearby apartment, performs roll call for all of the dead mutineers, having painted their silhouettes on his walls.

As Chopper emerges to look for Bunny, he begins to hallucinate, but Bunny helps snap him out of it. They depart for the shop-mall, where the remaining mutineers are gathering to find supplies. As they gather, however, they are intercepted by Rupert and his mob, and after some resistance, the Mutiny of Friends is essentially destroyed - Ripley succumbs to their injuries, Big Blue commits suicide, Mr 16 is apprehended by Rupert, and Dodge, the leader, is lost to the Repulsion Zone. Only Chopper and Bunny remain, sitting shocked in Chopper's apartment.

Chapter 2: So the Gory Goes Edit

Spoilers for Chapter 2: So the Gory Goes
Chopper requests some alone time to cope with the mutiny's losses, and Bunny departs to find fuel. Bunny kills several citizens in a remodelling patrol, while Chopper hallucinates seeing Dodge, and Rupert pitches his plans for a brain control experiment to Komodo. Komodo blows up Chopper's apartment block and sends Caligula to catch Bunny as she goes to investigate. Chopper is unharmed, but Bunny and Caligula fight, eventually ending with Caligula apprehending the two.

Briefly, there is a flashback, depicting the first death in the mutiny - that of Mr 4, Mr 16's adoptive 'brother'. This turns out to be a dream had by Mr 16, who is in Rupert's custody. After initially adopting a friendly facade, Rupert becomes aggressive, and attempts to partially drown Mr 16 to assert dominance. He goes to see Komodo about remodelling, and is terrorised by Komodo, before being given his pills and sent away. Caligula is also bullied, but discovers to his shock that Komodo has smooth, cold skin, and no pulse.

Outside, two citizens discuss Rupert and Caligula's relationship. One makes a passing remark about a Welsh saying, and their companion questions them, which triggers a reaction that breaks the citizen's brainwashing, known as Catastrophic Re-Memory Syndrome. The citizen - Morgan, or Citizen 733 - flees. Meanwhile, Bunny awakens in a cell, and manages to escape by putting her hand through a food slot and punching in the keycode. She frees Chopper, and they attempt to escape Komodo Tower, but are found out.

Bunny and Chopper run into Rupert and Caligula. While Bunny escapes into a vent, pursued by Rupert, Chopper flees with Morgan and is chased by Caligula, before hiding in the confiscated items storage, finding items to break their handcuffs, as well as Chopper's hat. Meanwhile, Bunny locates Dr. Helga LaPinsky's room, and roots through her belongings. The chapter ends with Chopper descending into the basement via garbage chute while Morgan vows to hold off Caligula, and Bunny finding and reading Dr. LaPinsky's journal.

Intermission: Wish You Were Here Edit

Spoilers for Wish You Were Here (Intermission)
Beginning at the point where Morgan suffers Catastrophic Re-Memory and flees, the other citizen enters Komodo's office and delivers their envelope - a photo of Bunny. Komodo writes a message - the titular wish you were here - on it, and ties it to the foot of another RoboRaven, which is taken to the roof and set free. The raven navigates the landscapes of Colkiverse B, including the aftermath of Yr Arf Dirgel and Snakecalypse, before crashing through Dr Glacier's window.

Glacier examines the raven and expresses cynicism with Komodo's antics. She crushes its head underfoot as she looks at the photo, suddenly becoming animated, pinning it to a sprawling conspiracy map of photos, news clippings and documents, including pictures of pre-accident Dr Spindle and Dr Periwinkle. Going from enraged to engrieved, Glacier vows that she will never let Komodo hurt anybody else, and that she will find her friend, Dr LaPinsky.

Chapter 3: The Strange Case of Professor Noboa and Doctor LaPinsky (Current Chapter) Edit

Spoilers for Chapter 3: The Strange Case
The narrative shifts to LaPinsky's diary. LaPinsky works on the RePulseChamber and interacts with various volunteers (citizens-to-be), as well as the other doctors. She succeeds in opening a portal to the Repulsion Zone but loses her camera when the portal closes. Glacier helps measure her for a protective suit, suggesting that LaPinsky will be going into the Repulsion Zone next.

LaPinsky confirms that her next experiment, under Komodo, will be an exploration of the Repulsion Zone. Although reluctant, she enters, but the power cuts out while she is inside, causing her to be lost for a month, during which Glacier works on the ComPulseBlade and attempts to bring LaPinsky home. LaPinsky finally emerges, partially mutated by Repulsion Zone exposure, she is pursued by a Repulsion Wyvern. After fending it off, she collapses, and is rushed to surgery.

She slowly recovers, with some lasting effects. As she works on the RePulseBlade and Mini RePulseChamber for Noboa, she soon begins to experience other symptoms of Repulsion Zone exposure; when Hyeon-Jeong does not show up for an appointment, she becomes agitated and blacks out, only to wake up to a destroyed office. When pressed for information, Glacier tells the story of Dr. Spindle. Inspired to subvert Noboa's power over her, LaPinsky sneaks into his office, discovering his fake names. However, he discovers and physically assaults her, resulting in a black eye.

Komodo eventually calls upon LaPinsky, taking her to the sub-basement laboratory, where all of the re-modelled volunteers are being kept. Initially reacting with revulsion and terror, LaPinsky attempts to escape, but Komodo insists that she take up an unspecified 'favour'. To emphasise how important her compliance is, he removes his face, revealing wires and animatronic parts.

The narrative jumps ahead to Dr. LaPinsky working on Komodo's task. Glacier delivers food to her room, expressing worry that LaPinsky will get sick from working too hard. LaPinsky is performing the 're-education' process on remodelled volunteers, and at one point locks Roscoe in a cell to keep him safe, which backfires and destroys his trust in her. Her mental and physical health both deteriorate until she is overeating, passing out and suffering from hallucinations and nightmares.

Roscoe feigns suicide to get LaPinsky to open the cell, and confronts her. During the confrontation, a dissociating LaPinsky blacks out and attacks Roscoe, leading to him being taken away by Rupert. LaPinsky dissociates in the shower and falls into a trancelike state that Glacier snaps her out of. Glacier reveals that she doesn't know anything about Komodo's plan and LaPinsky realises that she's the only person who can stop Komodo.

Despite Glacier's wish to flee the island via boat, LaPinsky heads to Komodo's office with a wrench to kill him. However, Komodo ambushes her and knocks her out with a fire extinguisher. The diary abruptly ends.

Bunny, coming to the diary's final entry, is interrupted by Rupert. A chase sequence ensues as Bunny and Rupert cross paths with Chopper and Caligula. Hiding in a storage room, Bunny explains her plan to Chopper - sneak into Komodo's office and kick his ass. After some contemplation, Chopper agrees to the plan.

Komodo berates Caligula for removing his collar to escape the confiscated items chute, when a civilian approaches. The civilian turns out to be Bunny, and another chase ensues, with Komodo insisting that instead of dealing with the two heroes in his office, they must escape to the Window Room on the top floor. Another chase ensues.

The chase passes by Rupert, who is preparing for Mr 16's brain surgery; however, this is cut short by Rupert suddenly sustaining a terrible nosebleed due to his anti-radiation pills not working.

Chopper and Bunny give chase after Komodo and Caligula, who continue to run for the window room. In an attempt to stop Caligula in his tracks, Bunny opens a Repulsion Portal, but Caligula makes the leap, only to be snared around the ankle by a repulsion creature's tentacle. Abandoned by Komodo, Caligula is dragged into the Repulsion Zone.

Arriving at the Window Room, Bunny and Chopper confront Komodo, who reveals Bunny's true identity as Helga LaPinsky and Chopper to be Roscoe Owasinda. Chopper/Roscoe, enraged, confronts Bunny on her secrecy. Komodo, while manipulating Chopper against Bunny, reveals that he himself is a robotic creation - a clone and technical son of Bill Large and Tybalt Cobra. His real name is Tito Noboa - titanoboa - a 'large cobra'.

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  • This marks Colkinom canon's first foray into hard 15-rated material, with a whole load of blood. Everywhere. Also, swearing? I don't remember, maybe.
  • This is the second full canon comics story drawn by someone other than the creator.
  • The art style is unique, being far more energetic and flowing than the traditional Colkinom style and using colour in a new, stylish way.
  • The comic has a TV Tropes page, open for fan editing, here.

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