"Komodo has done me nothing but good! I am nothing short of resplendent under him!" - Caligula, misguidedly.

Caligula, real name Choi Hyeon-Jeong, is a character from Bunny: Gore Justice. He is Komodo's right-hand-man (referred to as 'Komodo's Dragon') and Rupert's rival.



He is slightly taller than all of Komodo's other 'citizens' and, like them, he is bald and pale. He wears a white jacket with a K on the breast, white trousers and white boots. His most distinguishing features are his collar and his dark-ringed eyes.

Before becoming a 'citizen', he had long, dark hair, and is almost always seen wearing a turtleneck.


At first glance, he is serious, stoic and heartless. However, his 'heartlessness' is actually a product of his one-minded devotion to Komodo. His seriousness and stoicness are signs of his dedication, and usually give way to full-blooded, soliloquising, almost religious fanaticism halfway through a fight. He is obsessive and single-minded, driven by a desire to please and be accepted by Komodo.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

He's a skilled swordsman and very agile on his feet. He shows great gymnastic ability.


His life pre-island is unknown, but prior to becoming Komodo's soldier he started a small 'church' dedicated to worshipping Komodo.

He was trained in combat and swordfighting and, after finally released to capture Bunny (and Chopper, I guess), a mission that started with Caligula blowing up an apartment building or two and culminated in a violent fight between Bunny and Caligula, in which Caligula was stabbed in the thigh.

He is shown to be emotionally manipulated by Komodo and even physically abused by him. Even after his successful capture of Bunny and Chopper, he is insulted, terrorised and slapped, but still unhealthily strives to impress Komodo.

He is seen in Chapter 3, pre-island, as one of the volunteers and an aquaintance of Dr. LaPinsky.


  • His name was picked by Komodo. He is the only nicknamed character who didn't pick his own nickname.
  • His true family name 'Choi' means 'high, lofty, towering', while his true given name 'Hyeon-Jeong' means 'shine, glitter' and 'virtuous, chaste, loyal'.
  • He is prone to self-flagellation.