Cassandra Cobra, AKA Cobie, is the twin sister of Doctor Cobra.

Biography Edit

Cobra 2's upbringing, like her brother's, was filled with science and mayhem. While certain family members (we're looking at you, Johnny Cobra and Archibald Boomslang) took less scientific paths, the twins both followed the road to scientific success, taking the same college courses and university classes.

This continued until finally they split paths- Cobra beginning on the road that would take him to BioSlime Enterprises, and Cobra 2 studying mechanics, computer science, which set her to a future of computer science, hacking, spying, and various other nefarious intentions.

She was last seen having infiltrated the UNWD, and apparently knows Banjo Rockin' Horseman well. Either that, or she's just a good apple in a bad bushel, and is genuinely a law-enforcing UNWD agent.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

Cobra 2 has wavy lavender hair, square glasses and a long blue labcoat. She wears a blue skirt and orange shoes.

Personality Edit

Since she has few appearances, not much is known of her personality, but she seems to be collected, a good thinker and has inherited the natural Cobra cunning.

Skills/abilities Edit

She is a skilled scientist and engineer, as well as a sharp logical thinker, good people's person/negotiator and a highly adept liar.

Relationships Edit

Within the family Edit

She is on good terms with most of her family, especially her twin brother. However, like most Cobras, she harbours a disdain for troublemaking youth Johnny Cobra and family reject Docfessor A. D. Boomslang.

The UNWD Edit

Most of the UNWD agents haven't caught onto her affiliations and intentions. She seems to know, and be on fairly good terms with, Banjo Rockin' Horseman. Slug-Man seems suspicious of her.