Claire Blair is the cashier (and, presumably, the owner) of the Fin Face store in Slotham. Her shop sells hero and villain clothing, with sizes from XXS to Hulk, everything-proof or morphing, and fortunately her sense of fashion is not as tasteless as she is.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

Claire has brown hair cut into a wide bob. She is usually seen wearing a lime green-yellow shirt with Flobnomdob's face/bust on it. She wears dark blue trousers and green boots.

Personality Edit

She is described as 'mildly unsociable', and tends to keep to herself, not asking questions outside of work and not socialising much with her customers.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Claire is a good salesperson when she feels like it, and considers herself a bit of a fashionista, with a good sense of style and lack thereof.

History Edit

She makes an appearance in Story 1, where she unenthusiastically sells Pete his Slug-Man costume.

Trivia Edit

  • She is shown to use both British and American spellings, such as 'Colour/Color'. This applies to measurements of all sorts too. We don't know why she does this.
  • Although it's said that Slug-Man dragged her into an 'amazingly amazing adventure of sorts', she has not had many appearances since handing him his suit.
  • It's likely that she knows the secret identities of many different heroes and villains, as they come to her for their super suits.

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