Colonel Desertsword is a character who appears on the first page of Chaos Master's origin story, presented as 'something completely different'. His existence is never explained, nor does he ever appear again in the comic. He seems intent on killing Jonah Gordonson.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

He has grey skin, long dark hair, a dank goatee, and wears a camouflage-print jacket over an orange shirt. He also wears a red beret with an orange-blue pin, gold glasses, and a red rosette.

Personality Edit

He is loyal and obedient, but is quite self-absorbed, constantly saying his own name.

Abilities Edit

He is determined and loyal, and presumably has access to a number of soldiers and explosives.

History Edit

His history is unknown, as all we know of him is that he is large and not-quite-in-charge, following orders from some mysterious superior (likely Mysterious Shadowy Figure).

Trivia Edit

  • His name is misspelt as 'Desertword' in one panel.
  • He is presumably of Irazi descent, or at least lives in Iraz/serves under Iraz leader MSF.
  • Desertsword

    Desertsword in Aridistan

    He bears notable resemblance to the Inexplicablum fisherman at the end of Episode 5.

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Striking a deal with Filbur Laxley

Hoodie and Businessman

With the Hoodie and Businessman