Gaius battles two Roman soldiers

The Dragon Battle is the last battle taking place in The Roman Film, at AD 50. It took place a week after the destruction of the Wendaron village, and in the Drosgl Mountains surrounding the Cave.



Magnus Maximus succeeded in gaining enough information to be able to learn how to free the Dragon and did so when the Emperor Claudius visited Britannia. Maximus intended to use the beast to kill Claudius and use it as a powerful weapon and threat to gain the throne and expand the empire. However he did not realize how crazed and uncontrollable the dragon had become over the many years of its imprisonment and when it was released it wreaked havok on the land, slaying many men. The forces of the Celts and the Romans attempted to defeat the beast, resulting in a long and bloody battle where the near indefeatable Dragon slew many great warriors. Eventually it was defeated, not by strength of steel, but with magic. It proved to strong to trap again, so the Celts were forced to turn it to stone. The menace of the Dragon will never plague the lands again but the giant stone remains remind the land of the horrors it once unleashed.