Dr. Eden October is the UNWD's head of medical staff and head medic. They have an odd ability to turn into a sentient liquid medicine and scope out their patients' bodies, and can heal patients in this way, but at the cost of their own body's integrity.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

They are of middling height. It is unknown whether they are thin or fat, as they wear multiple layers of loose-fitting clothing. Their hands are always gloved, their face is always hidden by a surgical mask, and their eyes are hidden by thick, dark glasses. Their face is covered in bandages, to hide their physical deterioration. The UNWD logo on their shirt is backwards.

Personality Edit

Dr. October is friendly and caring, although somewhatn ervous and jittery, seeming slightly out of it. They ask a lot of questions but do not give a lot of answers. They do make medical jokes, though.

They tend to swing wildly in and out of depressive states, however, masking their melancholy and acute awareness of mortality in an anxiously friendly exterior. They are extremely self-conscious, especially of their deteriorated appearance.

Abilities Edit

They possess the ability to turn into a liquid and enter a patient's body. If they do not remain in the patient's body for long, they can analyse damage on a fine scale. If they do remain in the patient's body for an extended amount of time, they can speed up the healing rate. Speeding up a patient's healing rate causes their own body to deteriorate.

They did not reveal this ability until long into their time in the UNWD, when the deterioration of their physical form became too much to ignore.

History Edit

Dr. October speaks little of their past, or how they acquired their power. All that is known is that they helped the casualties of natural disasters- namely tidal waves, tsunamis and floods- while on a disaster response team. They joined the UNWD after having to be rescued from a flooded city by UNWD agents.

Trivia Edit

  • In liquid form, they are dark blue and very cold, with a very high boiling point.
  • Their liquid form tastes of blackcurrant. A sample is kept in Loch & Keye Containment and Storage.
  • Their appearance is somewhat similar to that of the typical Invisible Man, with the completely obscured features.