Jul Khalis, AKA Epic Eye Scar Guy highly-ranking Iraz soldier who is as mysterious as the origins of his signature eye scar.

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Appearance Edit

He is shown to be stocky, heavy-set and brawny. Naturally, he is very muscular and broad. A scar runs through his right eye, which is light blue. His head is shaved, his hair short and wiry.

He wears light khaki Iraz Army uniform, with the insignia on the left breast. Over his shoulder he wears a brown ammunition sash with gold bullets lining it.

Personality Edit

Epic Eye Scar Guy is gruff, mean and firm. He is shown to drift between violently angry, to the point of barking at his lessers and growing frustrated at mistakes, and almost Grav Guy-esque stoicness, where he is collected and phlegmatic. He is also depicted as proud and somewhat narcissistic. Despite this, he is very kind and polite to his parents. He is fairly loyal, and does not actively betray anyone.

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Early life Edit

Born an only child to a moderately poor but morally rich family, Jul Khalis was raised with good hearts. His parents taught him the values of morals and loyalty, which he still keeps dear to his heart, although his rough, tough exterior doesn't show.

He trained in hand to hand combat after his father was injured (albeit non-fatally) when a robber targeted their home (foolishly, as they had few possessions of great value). His training led to him joining the Iraz army.

Life in the Iraz army Edit

Jul parents

Jul's parents. His 'ma' is a librarian.

The lessons his parents gave him on loyalty were not wasted, as he soon rose through the ranks. Somehow, these fantastic tales of bravery and strength led to him earning his signature eye scar. The details of him earning this scar are unknown, as he doesn't talk about it much.
Eye scar guy hits the nail on the head
His determination and persistence won him the job of hunting down the enemies of Mysterious Shadowy Figure, doing deals with other villainous figures, and acting as a bodyguard to their allies, escorting them to meet the Iraz leader.

Slug-Man Story 1 Edit

He was seen in Story 1 escorting Bill Large to meet Mysterious Shadowy Figure and signing for the shipment of Bio-Slime. He ordered his trusted soldiers, namely Hughes, to shoot down Slug-Man as he flew overhead. He was later seen being cast out to sea by the UNWD, on a boat with Bill Large, Doctor Cobra, and a tiger.


Jonah shows Slug-Man their intel on EESG.

Trivia Edit

  • He doesn't tolerate failure, which may hide an underlying phobia of failure (Atychiphobia)
  • He has the best legs in the ENTIRE Iraz army. Perhaps even the entire of Iraz.
  • Shipped with Akerele (?)

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