Flobnomdob is one of the oldest colkinom characters, and one of the most noticeable. He has appeared alongside his best friend Moosa in Moosa Weekly Comics, and was given his own series not long before Moosa Weekly #11.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

Flobnomdob is a humanoid entity with blue skin. He normally wears an orange shirt, green trousers and grey shoes. Sometimes he wears a pink party hat.

His head is a large blue shark, measuring just longer than the length of his torso. Sometimes the shark rests on his shoulders or is attached to his neck, other times he has no neck and the shark appears to be levitating.

Personality Edit

He is heroic and brave, although simple and happy-go-lucky. He tries his best, with persistence and a level head, but can be a bit of a glass timpani under pressure.

He is generally kind, compassionate and helpful, with a strong altruistic sense of righteousness. Although he is genuinely helpful, he can be a little useless, floundering like a shark out of water when tasked with scary or hopeless or crab-related obstacles.

Skills and Abilities Edit

He has the heart of a lion! The stomach of a king! The eyes of an eagle! And the head of a shark!

He can also summon crabs, but not by choice.

Trivia Edit