Frances is a mysterious phantom and the only known resident of Soldier. They tend to appear on trains, convince people to visit Soldier, and then tangle them up in the mystery for unknown reasons.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

Frances is described as wearing mostly earthy colours, except for a mustard-yellow jumper. They have wavy brown hair and a spattering of freckles.

Personality Edit

They have somewhat of a cold and quiet personality, but they are quite curious and seem to be passionate about Soldier (though this could be a ploy to lure people in). As it is unknown why they lure people to Soldier, it is unknown whether they're lonely and idealistic, or cunning and sly.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Frances has the ability to telelocate when unseen, survive beyond death, and captivate targets with their enthralling nature and descriptions of Soldier.

History Edit

Frances's history is unknown. If Soldier was truly real, then it could be possible that they died during the landslide when Davy's Peak and Mt. Sister collapsed; if Soldier wasn't, then it could be that they created Soldier due to potent unsatisfied ghost energies.

Their life may have been connected somehow to trains, as they primarily seem to hunt for targets via train rides.

Trivia Edit

  • They coined the greeting 'Welcome to Soldier, soldier'. It is unknown whether this was a popular Soldier saying, or whether this is just something they say.
  • They make a starring appearance in the tabletop game Mind Over Martyrs, as the God of Soldier, Wales and a young but powerful member of the pantheon.
    • In this game, she has an additional power which has been referred to by players as 'The Godcannon', in which she can emit a reality-shattering beam of light from her face if distressed.