View from the distance.

Gehren Island, formerly Hope Island, is a location in Bunny: Gore Justice. It is where most of the comic takes place (save for parts in the Repulsion Zone), and is the base for Komodo’s freakish experiment.

Geography and Architecture Edit

Gehren Island is a fairly small mass of mostly flat land. The westernmost point of the island slopes up into ‘The Bluff’, an elevated steep cliff from which rebels try to signal passing planes and helicopters (most notably the Mutiny of FriendsChopper, which is how he earned his nickname).

There is not much woodland, only a sparse patch of trees near The Bluff. The outskirts of the island are beaches, but these beaches are fenced off.

The architecture consists mostly of skyscrapers in central Gehren Island (or ‘Komodo City’). Small houses and settlements exist elsewhere, but are fairly rare. Most buildings are pre-existing from the Hope Island days, and so contain many belongings from Hope Island’s evicted citizens.

The largest building is Komodo Tower, noticeable for being different in architecture (as it was built after the Hope Island eviction), and for having the word ‘KOMODO’ on the side in large lettering. It is fenced off, with large wrought-irons that often display the heads and bodies of executed rebels, notably the leader of the Colossus Gang and Mr 4 of the Mutiny of Friends.

Komodo Tower also sprawls underground, and houses (among other things) laboratories, holding cells, huge computer rooms, resident lodgings, and more torture chambers than is probably necessary. It is unspecified where Gehren Island is on the map, simply that it’s ‘miles from anywhere’, further than Bunny can teleport with her gun.

Pre-Komodo Edit

Hope Island used to be a pretty nice place to live, until Komodo (under a false name) showed up, evicted everyone claiming that the place was ‘radioactive’ and ‘uninhabitable’, bleached everything white (which, ironically, did make everything kinda radioactive), and used it as a grounds for his messed up experiment. Most of Hope Island’s original architecture is intact, save for a block of flats or two. Most clothing and weaponry that rebels are seen equipped with belongs to the previous residents. No-one outside the island, apparently, has the slightest idea what's going on there.

Komodo Tower; Komodo Gloating

Landmarks Edit

  • The Shop Mall. This is a large multi-storey shopping centre, and is often the target for rebel attacks, due to rebels needing to eat but being denied ‘tokens’, Gehren’s currency. This is where a lot of the first chapter, Bloody Beginnings, took place.
  • Komodo Tower. Aforementioned. Big, looming, weird.
  • The Bluffs. Also aforementioned. Also big, looming and weird, but less torturey.
  • Smoking wreckage that was once the apartment building which got blown up by Caligula, under Komodo’s command, in an attempt to kill Chopper and smoke out Bunny, in So the Gory Goes. Self explanatory.

Trivia Edit

  • Gehren is German for Gore. Komodo called his island ‘Gore Island’. It's accurate.