Glog Bolg is the leader of a fleet of Zopran that capture London city during Slug-Man Story 2. He rides in on a giant worm-mech with T.E.H L.A.Z.O.R in its mouth, and carries a guitar that resembles a B.C. Rich Warlock.

He is the main antagonist of Story 2.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

Glog Bolg is mostly green in colour, with a green head, breastplate and hands. His limbs are blue with grey joints. His feet are dark grey, and he has a grey diamond on his stomach. He has red triangular eyes and orange blades on his wrists.

Personality Edit

He is highly egocentric and self-absorbed, and strongly extroverted. He has a big ego and a big mouth, and is fairly casual about ruling the Zopran army, referring to himself as the Big Boss and procrastinating sending troops to take out Slug-Man. He is fairly petty, but is very cocky and snide, coming up with mean quips and comments.

Abilities Edit

He has an army of robots at his command, but in a solo fight he has proved himself quite the opponent. He is an expert at guitar-to-guitar combat, and can deliver quite the punch. He is also fairly good at coming up with puns, and likes to think that he's good at writing songs.

15 Minutes of Fame Edit

He emerged from his underground slumber in the fossilcraft to wreak havoc upon poor, unsuspecting London. First, he sent out wave after wave of zopran robots and gnomes to cause chaos on the surface, before emerging on the back of a worm-mech to deploy T.E.H L.A.Z.O.R and capture the UNWD agents.
Glog Bolg
His plans were disrupted by Slug-Man and Banjo Rockin' Horse Man, and as he battled fiercely with his equine enemy, Porkins convinced the Sentient Missiles to change sides and raid the weapon locker for lasers, destroying the generator that powered the prisons.

His prisoners freed, Glog Bolg was subjected to a variety of punishments, being beaten from pillar to post by the freed agents and overloaded to the point of switching off completely. It is unknown what was done with his body afterwards.

Trivia Edit

  • He is a primary character of romantic summer zopranime Love Bolg!!
  • He is more cunning and clever than he lets on, shown in the scene where he tries (briefly) to convince Banjo Rockin' Horse Man that they're not as different as he thinks.
  • He is a sadist, and claims he'd enjoy decapitating Banjo Rockin' Horse Man. A lot.
  • He is huffily defensive about his ideas, no matter how ridiculous they are- such as insisting that the laser is TEH LAZOR, and not 'his laser' or 'that laser thing'.