"Ready, men!"
Centurion Gratian Quan is a character from The Roman Film. He was the leader of Roman-ruled Britannia from AD 43 to AD 50.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

Quan was of just below average height and had longish dirty blond hair. He wore full Roman Centurion armour while in battle as he led from the front, including a bronze Centurion's helmet and a full red cape.

Personality Edit

Centurion Quan (Meaning 'Army Man') was a wise and influential ruler who was particularily popular with the troops working under him. He was known for being fair and just, at least to Romans. Unlike his replacement Maximus, he was fully prepared to take a part in all his battles, leading the troops from the front and placing himself directly into the fight.

Powers/Abilities Edit

His actual fighting skills were not the best and despite being a good dueller he was no match for the Berserker. He was also overly trusting of the soldiers below him, overestimating the loyalty of Magnus Maximus, placing him in a position of weakness when it came to him needing his help.


A very loyal member of the Roman Empire, he served below Claudius during his invasion of Britannia, then stayed on to control the new lands. He was widely disliked by the Celtic tribes, namely the Wendaron Tribe that refused to pay his taxes and attacked his troops.

Magnus Maximus allowed Quan to be fatally injured with a sword wielded by the Berserker during the Battle of Marchlyn, and then quickened his death by forcing the blade deeper into him. Quan was surprised at being betrayed by a decurion below him, and was then formally replaced as centurion, as decreed by the Council. The Roman Army, initially suspicious of Quan's death, were then lead to attack the Wendaron village, a plan Quan had been firmly against, knowing it would make the Romans seriously unpopular amongst the other tribes.