"Meh." - Everything he says
Grav Guy, real name as of yet unknown, is the 3rd member of the Sevens crew, and the 27th UNWD member.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

Grav Guy is very tall, dwarfing his fellow agents with his height, which is approximated to be upwards of 6 feet, perhaps even 7 feet. He is the broadest UNWD agent, with very wide shoulders. He is notable for his high, prominent cheekbones, his stubble and middle-parted hair.

His armour is a dark matter alloy, and is very large and boxy, in browns and pinks/mauves.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about his personality, as he rarely says anything other than 'meh. He seems gruff, grumpy and stoic, and quite the strong-and-silent type.

Skills and Abilities Edit

His powers include super strength and gravity manipulation, allowing him to perform amazing physical tasks and reverse, decrease or intensify gravitational pulls/fields.

History Edit

Very little is known of Grav Guy's past. He doesn't let on much.

Trivia Edit

  • Although he seems stoic and manly, he has an aesthetic blog full of pictures of flowers, landscapes and lights
  • In a pinch, his ultra-heavy armour can be used to temporarily trap/imprison villains, as nobody else is strong enough to lift it
  • His catchphrase (only phrase?) "Meh" has only changed once, when he expressed his dislike of puns by uttering "Muh".
  • He has a cousin - Keahi Brisbois.

Other information Edit

Rumour has it though that he is in fact an alien from the outer inner rim of another universe brought here by accident by a reality travelling Victorian. His true alien self looks a lot like a goat crossed with an octopus and a chameleon. The reason why Grav Guy looks so big is because actual Grav Guy (the alien) has to have room inside this human robot suit to pilot it. Some say that his meh is not a manly grunt but in fact a shrill goat like "meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!"