Honsnoch Ketakote is the 65th UNWD member, and is known among his fellow arachians as a hero for his bravery.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

Honsnoch is a tyrantular arachian. He is extremely tall, likely the tallest UNWD member, and has six arms and a broad frame. He is covered in a wiry brown hair. He has six magenta eyes, and sharp mandibles on either side of his mouth.

Personality Edit

He is professional and diligent, although sometimes his hard-working, helpful nature can lean towards headstrongness and even rashness. He is always quick to help, always with the best interests of others in mind, and very upright in his morals.

Skills and Abilities Edit

He is a crack shot with a gun. He is good at thinking on his feet, and is fairly quick to react. He is physically strong and a good fighter. Most notably, he is a good leader and has excellent team-working skills. Also, his multiple arms make him very dextrous.

Notable feats Edit

He has performed many amazing feats, such as chasing down moving cars, leaping across rooftops, fighting Zopran and travelling through time.

Relationships Edit

In the UNWD Edit

Honsnoch is shown to be good friends with Minotro and James Blond, although he somewhat shares Minotro's tiredness with Blond's antics. He is also good friends with Stella.

Family Edit

His family lives on a faraway forest planet known as Chelicacia, or the 'Canada of the Milky Way, not including actual Canada'. His father is a tree surgeon, his mother is a jam-maker and confectioner, and his brother, Dunkrig, works in a fruit-tree orchard. His parents are kind-hearted and traditional, and are often worried about his dangerous work, while Dunkrig is very laid-back and big-brotherly, although he worries about Honsnoch's aversion to days off.

Other Edit

He has many, many friends across the Colkiverse, across all of the planets known. Everyone in the Kroglglop Galaxy knows his name by now!

Enemies Edit

His greatest enemies are the devious YTBC and his devilish right-hand-worm Doctrob Xam. He also dislikes other super-dimensional/outer-space tyrants, such as Warlord Xzor and Glog Bolg.