Iraz main

The AAA ship arrives at the capital city of Iraz

Iraz is a location seen mainly in Story 1. It is shown as a very military country, with many armed soldiers, and is ruled by a corrupt leader known as the 'Mysterious Shadowy Figure'.

Iraz Architecture/GeographyEdit

As Bill and Eye-Scar Guy arrive on the stolen All American Awesome freight ship, Iraz is shown to have many tall buildings, some looking vaguely palace-like. We can assume that Iraz is a rich country, and is surely culture-rich. 

In Story 1 Episode 5, we see that there are palm trees in the background as the helicopter comes in to land, suggesting that Iraz is tropical, or at least in a warm or hot climate. Not much grass grows, so it is suggested that the country suffers from frequent droughts.

The section of the country that the testing takes place in, however, is shown as derelict and abandoned, as well as mountainous.

Notable Iraz CharactersEdit

Surely the most notable Iraz leader is the mysterious Mysterious Shadowy Figure, who is the army superior and is shown to be cruel, professional, and disappeared immediately when the Bio-Slime monster attacked. They ordered Bill to kill Cobra, and then, when Bill refused, ordered their guards to kill Bill.


That Mysterious Shadowy Figure, Bill Large and some Irazian guards on the test site

Another character worthy of mention is Epic Eye Scar Guy, a clearly high-ranking official, but not highly ranking enough to be mentioned by his real name. Maybe the Iraz army uses ridiculous nicknames to show rank. He is cold, to-the-point and as professional as his master, but is shown to be scatterbrained when he rambles on about possible scars while talking to Bill.

Pete Porkins saw a map of Iraz in Bill Large's office. It shows the country is bordered on three sides and has a coastline

Captain Hughes is another soldier known to work for the Iraz army. He is not a native Irazian, but a disgraced UNWD soldier who defected in order to be allowed to use more 'effective' weapons without government intervention. He is known for wearing sunglasses and not taking his soldier's opinions seriously.

There is also Colonel Desertsword and the Hoodie/Businessman duo.