The boisterous, brash and daresay brutish Agent 3, who is known to solve all of his problems with some kind of explosive.

Biography Edit

It is known that he grew up with his goody-goody two-shoes father and brother. He likes them both pretty well. Not much else is known about James Blond's past, apart from the death of his 'sister' Rosalind Blond, and that something must have sparked his obsession with explosives.

In the past, he has fought various villains, such as the nefarious Dr. I. Dunbad and countless ninjas.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

James has brown hair, which is either combed messily back or blown that way by explosions and high-speed chasing. He wears large safety glasses, a greenish shirt with a grey vest beneath it, a denim jacket, blue jeans and brown shoes. He is heavy-set and muscular.

Personality Edit

Like his interests, James Blond is loud, explosive and unpredictable. He's always out doing something dangerous, and if he's not, he's vocally expressing his wish that it was more explosive. He is reckless, rash, and has a daredevil devil-may-care nature that often leads him into trouble- but more often leads him out of it, with cool explosions.

Skills/abilities Edit

James No
He is an expert on explosives and explosive technology. He knows all there is to know about explosive weapons, and has a great passion for them. He is also physically strong as well as headstrong, with the capability to fend for himself even without some kind of exploding implement, and often charges into battle with reckless abandon.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

He likes his father and brother, who are both, according to others, goody-goody sissy two-shoes. It is unknown where his mother is. His 'sister', 'Rosalind Blond', is 'deceased'.

The Shiny Trio Edit

The shiny trio, being him, Agent ? and Agent 47, are very close friends, being three of the most skilled UNWD agents. They are often seen training together, sharing expertise and performing acts of dangerous derring-do.

Other UNWD agents Edit

He is shown to be fairly good friends with Minotro and Honsnoch- perhaps moreso with Honsnoch than Minotro, as Minotro seems to be fed up with Blond's devil-may-care personality. He is well-liked among the UNWD, although maybe that's just because his stunts are entertaining. He is the idol/hero of Walter Yang, but is mostly oblivious to this, despite Yang going out of his way to impress him.

Lover(s) Edit

It is rumored that James Blond was once in a relationship with Doctor Cobra. Neither knew the others' profession, and upon finding out, 'problems' arose.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only member of the Shiny Trio whose name is known. However, he goes by his middle name, as his full name is Humphrey James Buchanan Blond. Humphrey just hasn't got the ring to it.
  • His catchphrases include 'Y'know what's better than ____? Grenades.' and other phrases praising explosives.
  • He is canonically asexual (explosives being the only exception).

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