Johnny Cobra is the youngest of the Cobra siblings, his elder siblings being Tybalt Cobra and Cassandra Cobra.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

He has messy light blue hair, and is fairly short (reasonable, as he is fairly young). He wears a green hoodie with CARBONATED written in red on the front, wears green tracksuit trousers with WOM on the side, and lime green shoes.

He is often seen wearing a hat with the DY logo on it, and large headphones.

Personality Edit

He is childishly immature, rebellious and boisterous. He's always up for a spot of top-notch banter with the lads (cheeky nandos), and contrary to the most of his family he is openly impolite, proud, extroverted and brash. At times, he can be poetic or moodily edgy, a product of his teenage creativity.

Abilities Edit

Although he is not as scientifically inclined as his family, he is a half-decent rapper, an ok dancer, and the Archbishop of Banterbury. He is described by friends as 'an absolute ledge', with great reflexes (he can deliver a 'your mum' joke within 0.005 seconds of the original statement) and a penchant for the daring and extraordinary. He is also a very good artist, and his graffiti is talked about far and wide. He is a skilled skateboarder.

History Edit

Although the Cobra Family raised him on technology, he was often ignored in favour of his prodigy older siblings. When the time came, however, for him to be taught the ways of science, it was all pushed upon him at once. He was bombarded with science from all corners, and had multiple minor emotional and mental breakdowns as a result.

At the age of 11 he ran away from home, only to be found again by Viper (how hard is it to spot a kid with bright blue hair?) and dragged home. He disliked being treated not as a person but as a vessel for his parents' hopes and dreams, and vowed to choose his own destiny.

Although his parents definitely disliked this, they decided to support his choice- although they still try to nudge science upon him, by introducing him to various sciencey 'friends' and constantly talking about how proud they are of his siblings' scientific exploits.

For this reason, he tends to stay away from home, often sleeping over at friends' houses. But his parents still send him money and gadgets to keep him sweet, so he's doing pretty well.

Trivia Edit

  • Notably, he does not wear the usual Cobra-family glasses. Instead, he wears contact lenses.
  • There are rumours that he dabbles in the occult, as what is less scientific than good ol' dark magic?
  • He has picked up a few computer skills, but only uses them to create sick memes.
  • He has proven himself an excellent actor and singer when he performed in his school's version of Legshark In Miami, but his parents neglected to show up.