Jonah Gordonson, aka the Man with the Golden Toenail, is a wealthy philanthropist turned super agent who dedicates his time and money in investing in business, finance, and bombs. Oh and global security. He is commissioner/director of the UNWD organisation.

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Jonah is rather tall, has a huge ginger afro and is noteworthy for his bushy orange moustache. He is seen wearing a multitude of outfits, but his 'classic' look is a lavender blazer over a yellow shirt and black tie, with yellow trousers. Otherwise he wears green shirts, yellow shirts or battle armour.

He has a golden toenail from that time when he was fighting the GoLD MasTAH. He was leaping from a building to avoid the GoLD Makah-Lazah device but his toe got caught in the blast.

Personality Edit

Jonah is very passionate about the cause he created the UNWD to fight for. He is a strong believer in justice and that anyone can be a hero, as he tells Slug-Man. However, he's also paranoid, distrusting suspected Inexplicablum members and irritated by the SGA and especially Kei Akerele. He prefers to know exactly who anyone he speaks to is, even if they have a secret identity for a reason.

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Jonah is a good hand-to-hand fighter despite being one of the most clumsy people known. He uses tasers and pistols effectively in battle and can hold his own against all sorts of powered enemies.

History Edit

He runs a top secret yet very blatant agency that does everything the governments of the world should be doing like saving the planet from alien invasions and blobs of robotic goo. He is on fairly good terms with Naomi Rogers. By the end of Chaos Master Episode 5, he owes her two kisses, but it is likely that he's paid off his debts by now.


While trying to arrest GoLD MasTAH

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