Komodo Tower is a location in Bunny: Gore Justice. Located in the middle of Komodo City, Gehren Island, it is the tallest building on the island and Komodo's headquarters.

Purpose Edit

The tower's main purpose is a base for surveillance, as Komodo presides in the second-topmost floor, watching Gehren Island at nearly every hour and dispatching mooks accordingly. However, it is also the base of remodelling and re-education, as well as the base of execution for most rebels, and where most protected or valued citizens reside.

Judging by the first chapter, there are countless rooms purposed entirely for the murder of rebels, including contracting walls, furnace rooms and rooms that fill with water. Its wrought-iron fence is also a common spot for dead rebels to be displayed as a warning. Additionally, there is a basement largely dedicated to confiscated items.

Residents Edit

Citizens Edit

Various Gehren Island citizens live inside of Komodo Tower. This is much safer than living elsewhere in the city, or in the outskirt settlements, and Komodo asks only their service and loyalty in return. These citizens perform duties such as handling prisoners, reporting on raids and patrols, 'volunteering' for re-modelling and re-education drives, and general errands and tasks Komodo needs doing.

Rupert Edit

Rupert has his own room in the tower, although he frequently bunks in his laboratory on the research level. As of Chapter 2, Mr 16 also resides in Rupert's laboratory.

Caligula Edit

Caligula also has his own room, which most likely was Glacier's before her abandonment of PulseTech. He spends almost all of his non-serving-Komodo time in this room, and is chained to the floor by his collar when not on duty.


Drs. Glacier and LaPinsky Edit

Doctors Glacier and LaPinsky both resided on the same floor as Rupert prior to the events of Bunny: Gore Justice. While Glacier's room was likely repurposed to become Caligula's after she left, LaPinsky's seems to be entirely intact and untouched.

Komodo Edit

Though it is unknown if Komodo has a room in which to sleep (simply due to the person he is), he is largely seen in the shadowy observation room, in front of his many green surveillance screens.

Trivia Edit

  • The tower was displayed on an exclusive cover for Chapter 2.