The Legshark is a recurring antagonist/people-eater that has appeared in both Snail Boy Comics and Yr Arf Dirgel. It is apparently indestructible, and is proooobably kinda sorta a god or deity.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

The Legshark is a large grey shark with legs. It has many pointed teeth.

Personality Edit

It consumes.

Abilities Edit

It possesses an extreme strength, as well massive biting power and a cast-iron stomach.

History Edit

Once it was not.

And then it was.

And in time, it will not be.

Trivia Edit

  • On its official charahub page, its setting is listed as 'Anywhere', its gender is listed as 'Legshark', and it is a professional biter.
  • It does not bleed.
  • Although it is seemingly all-powerful, it shows fear of Purple Man and Violet Cat when the dynamic duo swoop in after it eats Snail Boy.
  • Snail Boy describes it as 'the worst thing ever'.
  • It is responsible for the deaths of many, especially during the war in Yr Arf Dirgel. As its power cannot be harnessed by mere mortals, it likely saw the battle as a buffet, or was tagging along behind Godzilla.
  • It has a small cult of worshippers, and a musical starring it.