Luna D. Vinity is a hyperintelligent pandimensional being who is known for repeated attempted murder, anarchy, sabotage and attempted regicide and sororicide. She is the infamous step-sister of Stella Ann O'Molly.



Luna has a fierce red flame body and red eyes. She has wild auburn hair, tied back by a yellow hairband. Her flame body is very angular and spiky.


She is often lording and commanding, considering herself to be above others. She seeks power and control, and will immediately deem herself more important than others. She can be obsessive, and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, sometimes leading her to be cruel, irrational or even downright murderous. She has a fiery personality and is nigh-unstoppable when she's got a plan.


She has some more common pandimensional abilities, such as moving through dimensions and short hops of teleportation. She can also summon pandimensional lightning, summon pandimensional ghosts (most frequently darkside ghosts) and shoot powerful rays of energy from her hands.

One of her more rare abilities is shapeshifting, and she can transform into a doppelganger of a person if she possesses a sample of their blood. However, she cannot change her eyes.


Luna was orphaned in an incident on the Greater Pandimensional Gold Plains and was adopted as step-sister to Stella Ann O'Molly. However, Luna was consistently a bully and control freak, so once she was capable, Stella cut ties with her.

Luna then went on to escalate in her controlling, violent behaviour, to the point where she was repeatedly arrested for causing trouble in public, including getting into fights, robberies, and eventually attempted murder. Much to the police's chagrin, Stella consistently broke her out, due to her gentle nature; this stopped, however, when Luna attempted on Stella's life, and Stella finally gave up on her.

Luna's reign of chaos then escalated to the point where she craved power so much that she wanted to be the Quing, leading to an attempted assassination on the current ruler. This was foiled, however, and Luna was to be put to death in a horrible fashion for attempted regicide, but Stella made one last attempt to redeem her sister; she stole Luna away and had her imprisoned in Sarkham Penitentiary on Earth. On one hand, Luna was not being tortured to death by pandimensional authority, but on the other, she was condemned to a life of solitary confinement, which she did not much appreciate. She still, very much, 100% wants to kill Stella, among others.


  • Although she is hyper-intelligent, this is often hindered by her brashness and fierce sense of revenge.
  • She is extremely envious and tends to try and bully people out of their belongings, statuses or relationships.