Magnus Maximus is the main antagonist of The Roman Film. He was the Centurion in charge of Roman Britannia on the year AD 50, but always vied for more power. He made big plans to take over the entire Empire, and was met with a lot of resistance from the Main Crew.

Character Edit

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Magnus has long blond hair and a heft build. He's almost always seen wearing Roman Centurion's armour and a red cape.

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Magnus Maximus appeared to be exactly the man the Empire needed for its armies - strong, intelligent, cunning and skilled. They did not hesitate to recruit him, but they made a terrible mistake. They did not realize that Maximus was also ruthlessly selfish, untrustworthy and ambitious. So cunning and deceptive was he that he managed to hide his ambitions of grandeur from all bar for his most trusted allies, and worked himself up the ranks of the Roman Empire quickly. Come the time of the Roman Invasion of Britannia Maximus was a Decurion under the commands of the Centurion Quan, who was posted in the Western frontier. Little did Rome realize that the placing of Maximus in Britannia would lead to later events that threatened the stability of the Empire and its citizens.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Magnus is good at fighting, and is sometimes shockingly good.


Maximus succeeded in having Quan killed by creating a conflict between the Roman army and a band of Celts - the Wendaron Tribe. Quan was no match against this tribe's berserker and was slain by him as he cried out to the observing Maximus for help. Maximus then succeeded Quan as the Centurion of Britannia. His ambition did not end here, far from it. He stalled for a while afterwards as he used his more extensive powers and authority to gain more information to strengthen his plans. He used ruthless techniques to remove any possible opposition to him and the progress of his plans. He turned the Celtic allies against each other and had top Roman officials murdered. During this disorder among the Celts, Maximus deceived his men into blaming the Celts for the murders of their fellow Romans and rallied them to war. The Celts, in a shambles were swept away by the hatred Maximus controlled in his men, leaving himself virtually unopposed to continue with his plot to oust the Emperor Claudius and seize the Empire for himself.



During the Battle of Marchlyn

Outside the Cave

Magnus and Optio outside the dragon cave in the Drosgl Mountains

Magnus Maximus whilst making his speech to the Roman army

Magnus Maximus whilst making his speech to the Roman army