Pat Okahim, AKA Mindwipe, is the much-contested 23rd UNWD agent. They're best known for not being known at all, due to their amnesia-causing capabilities.



Mindwipe tends to wear strange and extravagant clothing to be recognised and remembered. This usually consists of a yellow shirt over purple under-armour, a rainbow cape with yellow trim, pink and yellow knee-high platform boots, and pink short-shorts.

They also wear neon sunglasses and a leopard-spotted pink hat, carry a sceptre, and have red hair. They have freckles and a very visible tooth gap.


They are often extravagant and flamboyant, saying and doing shocking things, and acting with exaggerated, effeminate gestures. This is largely performative, and they do this in order to make themselves more memorable; they are actually quite unremarkable, enjoying fine things such as good books and plain pasta.

This can result in the odd identity crisis, as they're unsure which personality is the real them - the effeminate, flamboyant front, or the bland, unremarkable one.


Due to their Amnesia Proximity, they can walk around totally unnoticed and can infiltrate any place with total inconspicuity. Their presence is almost immediately forgotten by anybody who sees them, unless they were doing something extravagant (hence their nature and way of dressing).

They can also deliver localised amnesia beams using their sceptre, and erase memories on a large scale by striking the ground and creating a shockwave that memory-wipes anyone caught in its blast. They can erase certain memories using isolated strikes, but it's very finicky work, and takes a lot of time. A rushed job is a botched job, and can mean erasing more than was intended.

They also occasionally do not show up on most security cameras or reflective surfaces, but they must be actively trying, this is not a passive ability. They're also fairly gymnastic and agile.


They grew up in London, and worked as a delivery person for Checkers Pizza. This resulted in them stumbling upon a villainous plot by Professor Viper to create an invisibility cloak, emitting a frequency that causes people around the wearer to immediately forget that the person is there, thus rendering the wearer invisible. They got in the way of something awful, and ended up all tangled in the prototype cape, causing them to absorb the radiation that caused the amnesia, granting them their powers.

Since they'd technically foiled Viper's plan (she scrapped the project in frustration), this act of 'daring-do' (as well as their newfound ability) gained them membership in the UNWD.


  • They have been arrested at least five times by the UNWD for loitering around the base, as guards keep forgetting that they're an agent.
  • They suffer from identity crises and bouts of melancholia due to people forgetting them.
  • They speak with an incredibly noticeable lisp. The kind of lithp that maketh you thound like thith.