Minotro is a Minotaur agent of the UNWD who is skilled with computers.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

Minotro has a brown coat and white horns, and white hooves. Like all minotaurs, he has a bull's head, with a broad snout.

He wears blue armour with teal breastplates, a gold middle and gold clasps on either shoulder strap, a modern version of the classical armour he wore in ancient Greece.

Personality Edit

Minotro is very polite and hospitable, even shushing Blond to give Glog Bolg his moments of fame. He is a pacifist, peaceful and collected, and he rarely loses his temper- he often seems more peeved or inconvenienced than angry. He also refrains from using even the tamest of cursewords, saying 'badbottom' instead of 'badarse'.

Skills and Abilities Edit

He has a very wide knowledge of technology and computers, and is part of the UNWD for these skills. Despite not using it for battle (and instead using it to haul about computer parts and hefty books), he is very physically strong.

History Edit

It is unknown where, or when, Minotro comes from, but it is presumably somewhere Greek (Greece, perhaps), before or during the events of the Roman Film. It is thought that he and his brothers were born and bred for one purpose- to smash the advancing Roman army and kill Magnus Maximus, but they never saw the light of day.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

He doesn't share any interests with his rowdy rough-and-tumble brothers.

Within the UNWD Edit

He was on the Tecto-Portal destroying team with Honsnoch and Blond. He shows disdain for Blond's rebellious nature, but is friendly with both of them.

On a whole, Minotro is well-liked in the UNWD for his manners.

Other Edit

Minotro has good relations all over Slotham.

Trivia Edit

  • He owns a collection of sharp suits.
  • Although he is very polite, he has a very strong sense of vengeance.

Gallery Edit

Minotro 1

Minotro flees from TEH LAZOR

Minotro 2

Minotro speaks with James Blond about shutting down tecto-portals.