An ordinary diver, Malcolm M. Malcolmson, was on a routine operation investigating a sunken submarine when he discovered a secret artifact. He did not know that this sub had in fact taken it from the ruins of Sitnalta, the slightly-less-than-lost-and-forgotten-town-under-the-ocean.

It granted him the less-than-amazing powers of the protector of Sitnalta, as it deemed him to be alrightishly-half decent to wield these unimpressive powers of Sitnalta. These powers allow him to camouflage underwater (badly), communicate with sea creatures (but not actually control them or make them like him), breathe underwater (actually this one works) and transform into any sea faring mollusc imaginable (so do this one). Sadly most missions are undertaken on land, and so Mollusk Man rarely helps the UNWD. One day though, one day...

Other Info/Trivia Edit

  • He is not seen in the pool room in the SM comics as he was away busy running the local swimming club for children.
  • The artifact looks like a crown, but there is seaweed and barnacles permanently grafted to it so it looks terrible
  • Mollusk Man doesn't have to wear the crown to have the powers, lucky for him, as he can actually hear the seaweed and barnacles on it talking or rather- bickering, 24/7 and it drives him mad.
  • His costume is basically a wet suit with a badly stitched on "Mollusk Man" on the front and back. This is because Claire Blair said she didn't deal with such ridiculous requests or wet suits.