Moosa is the most ancient being in the Colkiverse's creative history, as he is the first character that began it all. However, in the universe's chronology, he is not much older than any of the other characters.

General Info Edit

There is something very wrong with this mouse. He only has arms, no legs except when it suits him, a blobby nose, no ears, no whiskers, no real body or head just a singular egg shaped thing and no visible fur either. He is a shapeless smooth blob.

He has intelligence and can pilot spacecraft and foil evil plans.

Companions & Enemies Edit

His main companion is Flobnomdob, the shark headed, crab-phobic humanoid that accompanies him on his missions and sometimes holidays (which generally turn pear shaped pretty sharpish).

His enemies are too many to list, but if they have tentacles they have almost certainly fought him before.