"I don't NEED your name. You're a rebel. I can trust you." - Morgan, to Chopper, before their parting.

Morgan, also known as Citizen 733, is a recurring character in Bunny: Gore Justice, as of the second chapter. They suffer from a case of Catastrophic Rememory Syndrome and become a rebel, quickly befriending Chopper while trying to escape.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

Morgan is a basic citizen, alabaster-white, bald and nude. There is little of note about them, physically. They spent a large part of their Chapter 2 presence in handcuffs, but lost them by the end of the chapter. Pre-remodelling, it is evident that they had brown skin and short, fluffy brown hair. They are shown wearing a red rugby shirt, and having small but noticeable eyelashes.

Personality Edit

Very friendly and supportive of Chopper, though with a serious side and a deep respect for other rebels. Somewhat similar to Dodge, though seemingly more level-headed. A little disturbed and shaken, but enthusiastic. They are, however, shown to be quite exasperated with some of Rupert's behaviour.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Morgan is shown to be quite intelligent and quick thinking, as well as very brave, considering themselves capable of taking on Caligula to keep Chopper safe. They are very trusting and loyal. They're also quite resourceful, capable of picking the lock on their and Chopper's handcuffs with a pin.

History Edit

Although Morgan's past is largely unexplored, it is known that they studied history, and that their teacher used the phrase 'no Welsh between them' to mean 'they don't get along', which then becomes the trigger for Morgan's Catastrophic Re-Memory Syndrome.

Morgan is first seen as the messenger who reports the outcome of the mob attack on the mutiny in the shop-mall to Komodo. They express some anxiety over Big Blue's suicide, seemingly anxious when mentioning it. Later, they deliver Rupert to Komodo, before discussing Rupert's relationship with Caligula with another citizen, having an attack of CRS, and fleeing.

They are then captured by two other citizens and taken for re-education, but one is used as a sacrifice by Bunny and the other is shot by a shortsighted Rupert, so Morgan flees, quickly grouping up with Chopper and hiding in the Confiscated Items Storage. They then plan to hold Caligula off to help Chopper escape.

Trivia Edit

  • They frequently speak and exclaim in Welsh, including curses and filler-words.