The Mutiny of Friends is a rebellious faction seen in Bunny: Gore Justice, led by Dodge, to defeat the tyrant Komodo. By the beginning of the story (year 4 of the Gehren Island experiment), the 27-person mutiny has dwindled in numbers to only 6 mutineers remaining, including Chopper and Bunny.


History Edit

The mutiny was founded in early Year 2 by Dodge, Howe, Big Blue and Rocco. The other mutineers followed. The first casualties were limb losses and non-fatal Komodo-related accidents, but with no significant losses until some months later, when a mission went wrong, mostly due to Chopper's cowardice. This was the the first sign of the mutiny's luck dying.

During the rest of year 2, then year 3 and most of year 4, with the mutineers' numbers dwindling until only six remained. Then, during a raid on the Shop Mall, two were killed, one was captured and their leader was lost in the Repulsion Zone, effectively disbanding the mutiny, since Chopper and Bunny - the last two possibly active members - were pretty useless mutineers anyway.

Despite their losses, the mutiny was the largest rebellious faction, and the last to be quashed. So, it was pretty successful, or at least not a horrific failure. They were a Pyrrhic nothing, but their actions left great thorns in Komodo's side and impressions on the people of Gehren Island, with many events causing ripples through the 'community' and shaking faith in Komodo.

Members Edit


The most notable members are Dodge, Bunny and Chopper (for being the leader, protagonist and deuteragonist, as well as some of the longest surviving). The whole list goes as follows:

Name / Alias Description Notes Death
Dodge / Fritz Engel The leader of the revolution. He is wise, straightforward, morally upright and brave. The leader. Not dead, but lost in the Repulsion Zone. N/A
Bunny Mysterious and mute. Openly violent and cannibalistic. Creepy, ever-smiling, she is Chopper's closest friend. The protag. N/A
Chopper Often considered the 'deserter'. Suffers from hallucinatory psychosis and massive guilt. Has a crush on Dodge. The deuterag. N/A
Big Blue / Sofia Palomo The best-known tank of the mutiny. Bigger than all of the others. Friendly and wise, but distanced. One of the final 6. Her suicide (?) caused a small uprising. Torn to pieces
Ripley / Joy Blythe An odd, flighty soul who fails to realise the gravity of most situations. Very friendly and loyal. One of the final 6. Heart failure.
Mr 4 The gentle, naive younger brother type. Can get himself in over his head, and is slow to react. The first to die; the start of Chopper's reputation as deserter. Shot in the head.
Mr 16 / Mason Morales The overprotective 'older brother' of Mr 4. Overdedicated, untrusting and violent. Being used in Rupert's experiments. Cut open his own eye, twice. N/A
C. Intended to be called Cecil, but was interrupted. Stubborn but too much of a pushover to do anything. N/A Incinerated
Dixie A hopeful-optimist scout. They are obsessed with birds, collecting feathers and dreaming of flight. The only bedsheet-wearing mutineer who won't immediately fight you. Incinerated
Dakota A supportive feller who is adventurous and exciteable. Always ready to back up Heidi, Dixie or Ripley. First mutineer to be tortured by Komodo. Has burn scars on forearms to show for it. Incinerated
Heidi Innocent and naive. Refuses to accept reality. She loves music and song, but cannot tell the emotions of others. Good at fistbumping people who were just raising their fists and not trying for a fistbump. Incinerated
Blanko A fighter, likes solo missions and doesn't like to rely on others. Has somewhat of a a superiority complex. Most ironic shirt in the mutiny Electrocuted
Rocco The awkward advice-giver. Does not fear death, does not believe in hell. First hallucination Acid bath
Gizmo An innovative engineer. The mutiny's mechanic; forward-thinking and dedicated. Designed and applied Dodge's hook arm. Crushed by contracting walls
Don The pretty boy, and just as vain as Beau. Always in competition with her. A skilled infiltrator and smoothtalker. Most interesting non-facial scar Incineration
Beau The pretty-girl, but no pushover. She is vain and conceited, but very skilled in knife combat and lockpicking. Angry bedsheet wearer #1. Incineration
Skye A high-flying scout who faces every situation without fear. Dreams of freedom. A little scrappy. Most ironic name in the mutiny Gravity
Teddy A cuddly, naive young fellow, innocent but not an idiot. Never seen without Zeus. Gay Mauled by dogs
Zeus A calm, faithful fellow who is often whisked away in fantasy. Never seen without Teddy. Gay Mauled by dogs
Jazz A cool-headed planmaker. Completely blind, he is a great tactician and knows the city inside out. Blind, wears dark glasses. Drowned
Brandy The stealthiest member of the mutiny. She is quiet, soft-footed, but kind and sweet. Probably a furry? Drowned
Van Desensitised by the island's horrors, he is kind but masochistic, slitting his own face and piercing his arm with nails. Bane of Howe's existence. Incinerated
Patch A jumpy, loyal soul who suffers from self-esteem issues. He has more faith in the others than himself. Wears an eyepatch. Drowned
Howe The medic. Detached, he is often lost in his own world, and is fascinated by the sea and aquatic creatures. Needs crutches to walk. Drowned
Tess Though she be but little, she is fierce. Graceful and violent, sometimes too eager to battle. Angry bedsheet-wearer #2. Incinerated
Stocky One of the mutiny's scouts. He is strong, cautious and hesitant about using violence. Missing the left arm. Incinerated
Art Sensitive and wise. He is pretty laid-back, believing that what happens will happen. Really nice scarf. Drowned

Colkiverse A Differences Edit

The main difference is that nobody died.

The experiment was stopped, with the UNWD noticing and interfering. While it wasn't too soon for them to get their nicknames, it was soon enough for no deaths within the mutiny to have occurred, and the mutiny went back to society, slowly returning to their normal selves - save for Bunny, who vanished, as she is wont to do.

Some started shops or bands or small businesses, some wrote of their ordeals, some simply coped, but they remained friends, and never grew out of the nicknames.