Percival Digby Large and Priscilla Addison Large are the younger siblings of Bill Large. They are great friends and are never seen seperated. Together, they run a lucrative lemonade stand.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

The two are both very neat and tidy, with black hair. Percival's hair is short, while Priscilla's is long and curly.

Percival wears a blue suit, a cream-coloured shirt, a ruffled golden cravat and black shoes.

Priscilla wears a blue dress with yellow lace and a yellow ribbon around the middle. She also wears black shoes, yellow socks, and a pearl necklace.

Personality Edit

They are both very quiet and secretive, and are highly independent. They are polite and traditional, but tend to be generally childish under the cold, silent exterior, and like playing, trips to the beach and dogs. They're just cursed with creepy stoic faces.

Skills Edit

Percival is a practical cool-headed businessman, while Priscilla is an expert at deciphering what the customers want (it's how their lemonade stand survived the winter- they sold hot chocolate instead!). They are both very good at drawing, and Percival is learning how to play the recorder.

History Edit

Their older brother Bill raised them more than their parents did, as the two were busy with business and their oddly expressionles faces scared the bejeesus out of babysitters. However, they did get some parental love, and proved themselves to be budding businesspeople when they made three weeks worth of pocket money in one week of selling lemonade.

Their lemonade stand was (and still is) sturdy and lucrative, as they know all the best tricks- an attractive sign, a good advertising scheme, and a secret formula that they'll 'take to their graves'. They even survived the colder seasons by adjusting their marketing strategy, such as putting little jack-o-lanterns on the cups in autumn and selling hot chocolate in the winter.

They also take after their big brother, and have not yet been caught selling sweets on the school yard. They're sure to grow up to be great businesspeople, and maybe they'll grow out of their... weird scowly expressions.

Trivia Edit

  • They have their own 'playroom', which has been converted into a business room for planning, buying and selling.
  • They have their own special piggybanks, the size of adult farmyard pigs.
  • They are both very fond of their big brother Bill's friend, Doctor Tybalt Cobra.