Post Man is the UNWD's resident postie (not to be confused with messenger Walter Yang), and can always be trusted to deliver a parcel or letter, or to scare off tachydromeiphobic Giant Evil Brains.

Character Edit

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He wears neat aqua-green clothes, and a dark blue bow tie. He also wears a mint green cap.

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Abilities Edit

He delivers mail and never fails.

History Edit

His past is treacherous and vague, and not even Moosa, who keeps him as a close ally in case of another Giant Evil Brain attack, fully grasps the dark and dangerous place this man is from.

Whispers go around the UNWD sometimes, saying that he is from a dangerous future where humans are extinct and strange beasts rule, that he is not entirely human as he was forced to adapt with the extinction of mankind. The rumours, in the deepest nooks of the base, imbued in the timbers of the walls, say that he singlehandedly handled communication in the realm of beasts following humanity.

They say that he has seen the death of one world and the birth of another.

That he is a ghost from the death of the human race.

That he is post-man.

Trivia Edit

  • He is not excellent at stealth missions, as he has an ingrained habit of knocking on doors and shouting 'DELIVERY!'.
  • He considers 'Opening other people's mail' to be the eighth deadly sin.
  • He may not be extremely fond of Agent Jellyfish, as he is seen apparently running away from them.