Project Sarcastices is a secret UNWD project to create a hero with all the powers of Sarky, but with more control. It is risky business, but if done correctly, Sarcastices could be the ultimate peacekeeper.

Failed Sarcastices models are turned into guard-bots on Sarkham Island, the UNWD's most highly-guarded jail.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

Sarcastices is designed to look similar to Sarky. However, she is taller and broader, and is visibly robotic. She maintains signature features of her original model, such as the hair curl, but is generally designed to be physically improved.

Personality Edit

Sarcastices will not be not as sarcastic as Sarky, but as her AI is still in its creation stages, it is difficult to determine what her personality will be like when finished. Since the 'sark' has been cut from her mind, it is possible she'll be brutally honest and snarky, as opposed to sarky.

Abilities Edit

The intention is to give Sarcastices roughly the same power as Sarky herself, however with more control over them.


Creation Edit

Project Sarcastices began months after Sarky joined the UNWD, after Project Red Lightning achieved fruition. Sarky's powers were closely studied and samples of her DNA were taken without her knowledge.

At least 10 prototype Sarcasticeses have been scrapped for various reasons, stripped of their basic AIs and reprogrammed as guards on Sarkham island.

The current Sarcastices shows promise, but the project is highly confidential, and the title of Agent 58 is reserved for the finished product.

Containment Edit

The labs that created Sarcastices are under Level 7 Security. These labs also worked on Project Red Lightning (or the 'Gordonson-son' project), the NEST AI Program (which ended in tears) and currently works on the destruction/neutralising of dangerous artefacts.

Sarcastices is a collaborative effort, being constantly tested and improved by some of the UNWD's best technicians and computer wizards (including Minotro). Under no circumstance is any Sarcastices AI allowed access to the outside world, including internet. Additionally, Sarky is not to know about the project, ever.

Trivia Edit

  • The failed AIs are kept on a hard drive so they can be improved on.
  • The Sarcastices model previous to the current one was scrapped for 'technical issues', as every time it woke up it would scream nonstop. No bugs in the system were found, but it would not stop screaming. Its eyes seemed to follow programmers around the room. It seemed to be in pain. Even on Sarkham Island, prisoners report the sound of pained screaming in the night.
  • The current Sarcastices AI seems to be in working condition, and is passing her tests with flying colours. One programmer, while fixing one of her eyes that had come loose during training, heard her whisper I am the new WOM, but did not report it.