"Aww, c'mon, you guys..." - Quinn, whinily, about anything anyone does, all the time.

Quinn Quickley is the 25th agent of the UNWD, and the twin brother-slash-Colkiverse A counterpart of Coughlin Quickley.

Characters Edit

Appearance Edit

Quinn Quickley is tall and wiry, with short blond hair. He wears yellow clothing, dark purple shoes and purple elbow pads. He also wears a purple harness that enhances his flexibility, and flexicrystal gloves.

Personality Edit

Quinn is tame, obedient and polite. He follows orders well, and strongly dislikes going off on his own tangents during missions, always doing exactly what he's told. He's a bit of a pushover. However, he has an addictive personality, a fierce sense of dignity and a hatred of being treated like the team's baby.

Powers/Abilities Edit

He can control and manipulate shiny or reflective objects, a power known as lustromancy. He also has enhanced flexibility, and can summon his twin, Coughlin, through mirrors.

Histories Edit

In Colkiverse A, Quinn was the only surviving child, and Coughlin died during birth. Raised lovingly by his mother (after his father's death in a mine collapse), Quinn gained his powers after being exposed to a mysterious crystal's presence. He joined the UNWD after stopping a violent bank robbery.

Trivia Edit

  • He can be somewhat whiny, and though he often resists impulses or naughtiness due to his goody-two-shoes nature, if he indulges even once he can slip pretty far due to his addictive personality.
  • It is unknown how Quinn's lustre-commanding powers allow him to summon Coughlin, but he is one of the few beings that can perform Colkiverse A-B travel without help from Count Eskimo or Pandimensional Influence. It is said that it's because absorbing Quinn allowed Coughlin to survive in Colkiverse B, and so Coughlin has a part of Quinn within him, therefore summoning Coughlin is like summoning his own reflection.