The Repulsion Zone is a location in Bunny: Gore Justice. It is only accessible through 'blood portals', which are normally made by Bunny, using her portal gun. It is shown as the point between Point A and Point B when Bunny uses the portals for transportation.


The Repulsion Zone, as seen in the Chapter 1 finale.


As of what has been seen, it consists mostly of large red mountains, stretching flatlands, sheer cliffs and impossible geometry - there are physically impossible outcrops and structures, as well as platforms and structures that defy gravity, suggesting that it does not follow the same laws of physics as our dimension.

Flora and FaunaEdit

Although no plant life has been seen yet, creatures have been seen at distance (and close up, on page 50). These creatures are large, mostly dark red in colour, and most are heavily tentacled. The wormlike creature on page 50 displays horrific features such as two mouths with sharp teeth, huge fishlike eyes, and tentacles with sharp hooks instead of suckers.

The creatures inhabiting the Repulsion Zone are similar to the creatures that would inhabit the deep ocean, so it is implied that the creatures are so horrific because they have evolved to be as such due to the nature of the zone.

Creatures seen in the Repulsion Zone Edit


The monster seen on Page 50.

Nature of the ZoneEdit

It is stressed, by Bunny, that the Repulsion Zone is extremely dangerous. For example, she insists that she and Chopper drive to the shop mall instead of going by portal, and then becomes visibly distressed when he asks why; she at first protests escaping the shop mall by portal, claiming it to be 'too dangerous' until being convinced by Dodge, and she makes it very obvious that it'd kill Caligula and that he shouldn't follow her, as he doesn't know what the zone is.

Other than this, the nature of the Repulsion Zone is very mysterious. Its dangerous atmosphere is quite similar to the deep ocean, in some senses, such as the bizarre wildlife. The air is breathable, but it is unknown if there is any water or edible plant life. Ergo, the Repulsion Zone may not be vegetarian friendly.