The Roman Army is a faction seen in The Roman Film. It is ruled by the Emperor Claudius, but the Brittanic branch is controlled firstly by Centurion Quan and later Magnus Maximus during the film.

Equipment and WeaponsEdit

The army is very well equipped with all the stuff one would need to keep firm control over a whole realm. Each legionary has access to gladius swords, small and large shields, full battle armour, spears, bows, and, as members of the Council, additional weapons like longswords and daggers. The army also has at least three huge trebuchets for ground assault on fortifications, as used effectively during the Siege of Wendaron to fire-bomb the Celtic village until the whole place was alight.


The army is split into a much more complex power structure than the Celts': (In order of power, high to low)

  1. The Emperor who has overall control over the army's duties
  2. The Centurion who has control over a large chunk of the army in a region. He also has an Optio to help advise him personally
  3. A set of Council Members, usually around a dozen, but in dire times can be as little as two. These individuals can vote on choices that the Centurion must take into consideration
  4. Decurions, higher-ranking soldiers with control over ten Legionnaires
  5. Legionnaires, the main bulk of the army, soldiers trained in all types of combat tactics and relied upon to keep the machine of war fuelled.



The army cheers in support of Magnus Maximus's promise to destroy Wendaron