Sir August Jean-Reginald Catatapuss is a knight of the Feline Rebellion. He starred in Moosa Weekly's Rock Shock, and is an agent of the UNWD, shown in Episode 6 of Slug-Man.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

Catatapuss has short brown hair and white cat ears. He has catlike features such as a long black tail and whiskers. He wears a black helmet with a cross on it, and black/dark grey clothes- a dark grey suit of armour with black shoulder pads, dark trousers and black shoes.

Personality Edit

Highly heroic and altruistic, Catatapuss is chivalrous and knightly to the core. He is brave, courageous and will stop at nothing to serve the greatest good, always fighting the good fight for justice. This, however, sometimes leads him to become impatient in the face of danger, and he isn't amazingly perceptive or clever.

Skills and Abilities Edit

He has various feline qualities, such as enhanced flexibility, powerful jumping muscles, always landing on his feet and being able to fit into very tight spaces. He also has a prehensile tail.

History Edit

When the second Giant Evil Brain was experimenting on creating hybridised animals, one of its specimens (a giant worm, specifically) smashed all of its sample bottles, releasing gene-altering chemicals into the atmosphere. This caused humans- a group of knights including Catatapuss- to mutate into cat-humans.

Catatapuss and his men, who had previously been revered and praised for their loyalty to the king, were seen as freakish outcasts, and were banished from the kingdom. Vowing revenge, Catatapuss took his men underground, building a fortress deep below the earth.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a bad habit of smashing things that offend him, or that he deems 'witchcraft'. Boy, times have changed.
    • On first seeing Sarky use her powers he feared she was a witch, on exclaming "You, you are a witch!?" she of course replied sarkily with "Well yeah, of course". This led to Agent ? having to spend an eventful few hours trying to restrain him from burning her at a stake.
  • He is easily distracted by laser pointers. Laser pointers have been banned in the UNWD following various antics.
  • Although he is normally quite polite and well-behaved, he has been scolded for hissing and spitting at other agents who are less knightly than him.