Slug-Man comics is the longest-running comics series produced by Colkinom. The series began with Slug-Man #1 in 2010, and so far has lasted 8 episodes, telling the story of Slug-Man's Origins (#1-#5) and then continuing into The Middle of the Beginning (#6-#10). The third story begins in Slug-Man #11.

Events shownEdit

During Story 1: The Origins, Pete Porkins gains his slug-powers for the first time. The story begins with Pete Porkins being tracked down by Snail Boy and convinced to take him on as a partner (Thereby beginning the Slime Squad), before Pete recounts the story of his creation, beginning five years earlier. Slug-Man's involvement with Bio-Slime Corps and his first involvement and later membership of the UNWD is shown, with his first mission for them, featuring Bill Large, Dr Cobra and Eye-Scar Guy.

Story 2: The Middle of the Beginning charts the events taking place immediately after Slug-Man's membership of the UNWD, with Jonah Gordonson showing him The Nest and introducing many other heroes before the Battle of London started by the Zopran robot/aliens.

Characters FeaturedEdit

The Slug-Man comics centre around Slug-Man/ Pete Porkins and first few battles. Introduced for the first time during these comics are: