"No more!"
"Yes more!" - Pagan Prince and Snail Boy
Snail Boy is Slug Man's sidekick and partner in crime fighting, and the 68th member of the UNWD.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

He is a brown snail with a purple swirly shell. He does not appear spectacular in any way, and in fact just appears to be an average snail.

Personality Edit

Like the typical kid sidekick, he is plucky, enthusiastic and determined. He has a strong sense of righteous justice.

Powers/Abilities Edit

He has super-mollusc strength and the ability to speak in human tongues. Or English, at least.

History Edit

Not much is known about his past, but he was trained by monks in the art of kung-karate-judo-itsu.

At the start of Episode 1, he encounters Pete Porkins, realising that he is Slug-Man, and becomes his sidekick, gaining entrance to the Slug Cave.

Trivia Edit

  • He is easily confused, as is shown when Pagan Prince replies to his heroic boasting with 'No'.
  • He considers the Legshark to be the 'worst thing ever'.